AUDIOMANCY follows through on the promise that Music and Magick can coexist within the act of imagination..

Audiomancy begins with questions about the relationship between music, lucid dream states, and spirit possession. I lay out a few examples of musicians who claim to have written music during dreamtime and draw comparisons to the rhythmically entrained dream states described by anthropologists like Michael Harner and Mircea Eliade. 

To anyone who sincerely wishes to understand the role of music in the history of Western mysticism, I recommend the work of scholar and author Joscelyn Godwin; especially his books Harmonies of Heaven and Earth and Cosmic Music.  

From here, the book traces the presence of musical and astrological thought in major artifacts of American music, including the American National Anthem, Bach and Mozart, Freemasonry, American Popular music of the 20th century, and the evolution of the entertainment mediums through video games and into the forthcoming emergence of immersive virtual reality consoles. 

The second part of the book focuses on talismanic magic and its relevance to songwriters and ceremonial magicians alike. I revisit the Tone Color Alchemy method of creating MUSICAL SEED SIGILS for the purposes of composing plant music. 

The final portion of Audiomancy is called Mala's Mandala because it features 108 pages, like the 108 beads on a tibetan prayer necklace. Each page features musical sigils representing the simplest possible combinations of circuits one could create using the Tone Color Alchemy Wheel. 

Check out the music section on this website to hear examples of esoteric musical cryptography. (click here)