A musical tribute to synchromysticism. This short video is the first of its kind - a musical path working along the tree of life using the correspondence system taught by Paul Foster Case and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. It highlights the correlation between Tifa's Theme (Final Fantasy VII - released 1997) and The Lonely Man's Theme (Incredible Hulk - 1978 TV Series). 

Final Fantasy 7 features a character named Tifa and an arch nemesis named Sephiroth. The opening scene shows a side-quest within the game; a scene where a musical sequence from tifa's childhood home must be played using the playstation controller in order to unlock an important message. The main characters (including Tifa) discover a letter hidden within sheet music, addressing Sephiroth. In this moment we see the two names on the same page. 

Both Tifa's theme and the closing credits theme from Incredible Hulk, called Lonely Man's theme, are in the key of F major. There is little to no public awareness that Tifa's theme, often considered one of the most important compositions in the 3+ hour Final Fantasy 7 soundtrack, is a derivative of this popular television series from two decades earlier. 

My aim is to highlight this connection using the language of the kabbalistic tree of life, the color symbolism of the spheres of Tiphareth and Netzach. Furthermore, because both songs are in the key of F Major, I highlight that the musical note F corresponds to the tarot card The Hermit, whose color is "green-yellow", and which matches perfectly the notion of the lonely hero (Bruce Banner i.e. the Green Hulk). Green-yellow lies in the middle between the Green and Orange of Netzach and Tiphareth. 

Stay Tuned for Part Deux!