Every mystical tradition seems to have its own choice of tone-color attributions. The reason I've studied the BOTA system is a) They are an offshoot of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and Freemasonry and B) Because they were was established in 1922, about ten years after the first Hollywood film was produced. This suggests to me that the founder, Paul Foster Case, whose initiation into the golden dawn took place in New York City and also spent much time in Chicago, may have moved out to Hollywood specifically to seed his influence in Hollywood. Note that the BOTA temple (which still exists today) and is positioned just 20 minutes from Hollywood.

Paul Foster Case was the first person to establish the musical note correspondences to the Golden Dawn's kabbalistic system, and to my knowledge he is the only one to have done so since. It reasons that, although his actual impact may have been marginal at best, there were likely filmmakers over the following century who have come in contact with his methods and sought to integrate them covertly into their films. I don't mean this in a nefarious way -- filmmakers are creative and secretive people. Everyone knows that the power of magic operates on secrecy.

If you were told that certain musical notes and colors had resonance, and that the authority of this claim was from a Freemasonic lodge (of which many many producers are members), would you not consider integrating the technique into your films?